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Just had our house remodeled- two of our bedrooms, both bathrooms and a part of our kitchen.  During the course of the remodel we interacted with electricians, air conditioning guys, drywallers, etc.  These plumbers were by far the most pleasant to deal with and most professional bar none.  All in all, the overall remodel experience is a bit draining, but if you’re going to do it, these NEED to be your plumbers.

Adam Lowe, Studio City

April 30, 2013

Paradigm just finished working at our home.   They were informative during our design process and the work turned out beautifully.  I also appreciate the great lengths they stretched to accommodate some of our “special requests”. .. true customer care.

Megan Bowman, Santa Monica

March 2, 2013

One of my girlfriends referred this company since they had recently finished working on her house.  They’re very professional and super friendly.  Highly recommend.

Claire Potter, Encino

January 22, 2013

My wife and I both felt compelled to share our excellent experience having Paradigm work on our home.   They took the time to educate us on the work they were performing (put in a tank-less with a heat pump system) and executed it exactly as they explained.  My wife LOVES not having to wait for hot water in the morning anymore.  Also, Tony is an unbelievable magician and my kids keep asking me,” when is Tony coming back, when is Tony coming back”?

David Caldwell, Thousand Oaks

November 30, 2012

I met these guys when we added onto our home a few years ago and have made them my plumbers ever since.   They always take such good care of my home and I honestly love these boys!

Audrey Fitzgerald, Valencia

November 13, 2012

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